Where does the time go? It seems only a day or so ago that Pip and I came back from my sister’s place and the Olympics hadn’t even happened yet. And then, I turn around and Pip is 16 weeks old and we have been to Cornwall for a week staying in a yurt and we have become obsessed with the Olympics (see how intently we are both reading the Olympic supplement above) and then I turn around again and the Olympics are over and Pip and I have been inspired to go swimming not once but twice.

Whoever said that things get easier after 12 weeks knew what they were talking about. Pip is smiling, laughing, interacting and so much more of her own person than I could ever have imagined. I know, she’s a baby, her very own human, but the idea that she is turning into her own person day by day right in front of my eyes is mind blowing. Well, it is to me. But then I don’t feel maternal either. But I clearly am a mother, and judging by the fact that Pip is healthy and (apparently) happy, I must be doing a good job. That, and the health visitor told me so, so it must be true. For health visitors are one down from a deity. Or is that government officials sent by Cameron to judge for themselves whether we are suitable to be parents. Two strikes and they take her away kind of thing? Regardless, they are happy and so are we. Mostly that we choose not to see them again.

So yes, we took Pip essentially camping and not only did we survive but thrived. She continued “doing her nights” and even gave a good impression of enjoying sand between her toes. And then we came back and went swimming. Which she loved. In between we have been playing at being grown up, dealing with the cat’s chipped tooth, a possible flea sighting and therefore decontamination of the entire house, more washing than I’ve ever seen in my life and just hanging out with Pip before she grows up and leaves home. (that and wondering when my hair will stop falling out – will it be this side of bald – and whether I am insane or just mad for signing up to do a triathlon in October)


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