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Pip got her first dolly. we went to john lewis last week and I showed Pip the dolls. her little face lit up and she reached out and took the dolly’s hand. on returning home and recounting this story to Marto, we decided to get her one. today was the day. I was in town at john lewis meeting a friend with a newborn (a teeny tiny two month old dressed in the most adorable Peter Rabbit suit from Gap – the cafe on the 4th floor is a good child friendly space, with a handy parents room nearby) and once we had gone our separate ways, and I had tired of browsing, I took Pip back to the cafe to eat an early supper (we had pancakes once we got home) and to await Marto. we again showed her the dolls and watched her face. she looked so pleased that we were sure she was ready. I took these photos at home as I handed her the doll. they aren’t edited and are just iphone snaps but the minute she had that doll in her hands, she was examining it and stroking it and cuddling it. now we just need a name.

Ps. I’m over at Talkmum today discussing getting out and about and meet new mums.


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