Things to do in Cornwall: Sea Queen at the Rogue Theatre Tehidy Woods

Things to do in Cornwall: Sea Queen at the Rogue Theatre Tehidy Woods

Step through the doorway into another world, following winding paths and the smell of woodsmoke through the woods, where mermaids, witches, pirates and faeries bewitch and entice you to follow their song. Arrive in a clearing in the wood where you can rest, eat, drink and watch another world spring to life.

“A tale of a pirate circus, Love, and adventure across the seven seas.

A story about following your heart, mermaids, witches,

And the mythical Sea Queen”.

This is immersive theatre in the safest way, and perfect for children. Like all good theatre the stories work on so many levels, captivating the entire family (and leaving me at least at times with tears rolling down my face) and presenting thought-provoking stories which span the gamut from life, to death, to love, and everything in between.

Rogue Theatre has deservedly won many prizes for its enchanting shows. Sea Queen is their latest daytime offering, with Night Voyage the darker, more fiery evening part of the double bill for summer 2019. We are booking tickets for Night Voyage as we speak.

Rogue Theatre creates daring high quality theatre, events and immersive experiences that are widely accessible and deeply engaging. Our work mixes rich atmosphere and a highly visual style with instinct, energy and a passion for celebration and the macabre.

Our theatre shows mix entertainment and spectacle with pathos and powerful narrative whilst sharing the same vein of wreckless celebaration which runs through all of our work.

We are committed to creating projects, shows and events which are accessible, appealing, exciting and beneficial.  We aim to engage new audiences and participants in new ways, maximising enjoyment, nurturing talent, encouraging aspiration, supporting the development of skills and stoking the fire of exciting cultural activity in the UK.

We loved that prices were affordable, including food and drink (and there are additional options to support providing tickets for those that might struggle to attend otherwise – you can buy additional wild tickets which are then distributed as needed) that the woods were magical but also accessible. There are composting loos and crafts to be enjoyed by everyone. It also inspired creativity in all of us, particularly Pip.

Rogue Theatre

Tehidy Woods, Tehidy Woods North Cliffs Entrance Near Portreath

Show runs until 1 September 2019 // Book tickets here

First action image © Rogue Theatre, all other images by me. 

Disclosure – we paid for everything ourselves, not an ad.


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