Things I have learnt about driving in Cornwall

One of the first things I’ve had to get used to in Cornwall is driving. Whilst we did have a car in London I rarely used to drive it as I commuted using public transport. My new job is a bit of a drive away, and we also live quite rurally, so a car and being a confident driver is pretty essential. Here are some things I’ve learnt so far:

Embrace reversing

Previously the gear I pretty much only used when parking or turning, this is now in as frequent use as gears 2 and 3… my ‘favourite’ so far was reversing up hill in the rain with a huge lorry bearing down on me. Hand in hand with the gorgeous hedgerows and corn fields are plenty of gateways to tuck in to albeit not always conveniently placed. No one seems to pay any attention to the priority directions and driving along the lanes seems to be largely a game of chicken.

Mental map of every petrol station in the area

I guess this is shared by drivers everywhere, but particularly living so rurally I have started to mentally note where every petrol station is located and which have the best prices/best shops. Do I go off route for the M&S which has the nice food, or the local services with the better wood for the log burner… Decisions, decisions.

Car maintenance

Again, not something I gave much thought to before, but now we are going to be forced to run 2 vehicles as I will need one to drive to work in, the car will fall under my remit. We already got a slow puncture a couple of weeks ago and had to limp back into London, before getting a new tyre fitted.


Car tyres are not something that most people think about but clearly are extremely important for keeping safe on the road.

Issues with bad tyres include:
  • There is a chance for blow outs
  • Worn out tyres are very dangerous because they do not have good road grip
  • Bad tyres can increase fuel consumption
  • If tread depth is not up to the mark, huge fines can be incurred.

Make sure you always have good tyres fitted basically, and keep them properly inflated. No idea what tyres you need? Simply check DAT tyres in Hertfordshire by popping in your registration number and it will list the options, which you can then price compare and order.

Washer fluid & oil

2 other things I always forget about, but good to try and remember, particularly before a long journey.

Correct car seats

I wrote before about the importance of choosing and installing the correct car seats – Buster is just about out of his current one so will be sharing what we’ve upgraded to once we’ve made a decision and installed it!

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