These in between days…

These in between days…

The daffodils were ever so slightly later this year – I saw one or two in bud before Christmas but only this week have I seen a couple in flower.

We’ve been lying low this holiday period and as I write every year, spend the last few days of December and then most of January thinking about three things: habit forming (or un forming), decluttering and deciding on a word for the year. Last year I don’t think I ever managed to decide on a word as I was in the doldrums of feeling rather miserable come the end of January, but this year I am determined to do better.

We have being enjoying the benefits of living all year round in a holiday location with some lovely days out in St Ives and Falmouth, and watched the last of the light ebbing out of the year over a bottle of wine on a rather chilly beach. More on seasonal happenings in my next post.

On decluttering…

I left my parents house this year with I think the last of my possessions from childhood – I think when my room was finally needed by someone else, everything in my cupboards was boxed up, put in their loft, and now more than a decade later discovered and returned to me. In many ways, I would have been quite happy to simply never see the contents of the boxes again and discard on the spot, but of course nostalgia won out, and I opened them… I am working now on completing my reprogramming to not give any value to material possessions and determined to ensure everything in our house is a deliberate choice because it is useful, joyful and wanted, rather than being the by-product of things I feel obliged to hold on to, mixed with things that I just don’t need any more. It has been a long process but I am at least managing to rid myself of things on the basis that if I’ve moved them three times (or more) and not used them in any way, they need to move on.

On habit forming…

Every year it is the year when I will get up earlier, be more organised and so on. Still working on that one, but one habit I *have* managed to make stick better than before is yoga. I am still trying to work in a few minutes every morning (which largely depends on making myself go to bed earlier) but I have managed to get to a class at least once a week for pretty much all of 2018 and the latter part of 2017 too. Basically the whole time we have lived down here. My latest class finished the week before Christmas and the next one doesn’t start for another two weeks, so that will make it the longest I haven’t done any yoga for 18 months. Surfing too managed to stick this year, no doubt because I didn’t have a full time job. I surfed every week from mid March to mid December with the exception of one week in Majorca! What a record 🙂

Last year’s seasonal living post here… this year’s to follow next week once I’ve had my birthday weekend.


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