.thelittlepip. loves: Aden & Anais muslin sleeping bag (or, the answer to your baby’s bedroom being 23C)


this hot weather has been lovely, but the one(?) downside we’ve encountered so far has been how hot Pip’s room has been at night. we have a permanent thermometer to ensure that we know the temperature (ours has a min and max as well, so we can see variation) and it hasn’t fallen below 23C this week, no matter how long I leave the window open.

this Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag has been a saviour. it is made out of one layer of muslin, the same as their swaddle cloths that we use constantly. the worry I have always had in using the swaddle as a sheet is that it obviously falls off or worse, so the sleeping bag is a wonderful solution. we tend to dress Pip in a short sleeved no leg vest/suit inside the bag, but if it was *really* hot then you could just use the bag on its own.

all Aden & Anais products do tend to be quite pricey, but I have always found the quality to be great and well worth the expense. I usually have a look around the internet though for good deals, and now she needs a bigger size, actually ordered Pip this one last week, as it is an excellent price, and may be worth a look if you too are looking for size 12-18 months and don’t mind the fact it is plain not a pretty pattern. (the bags tend to come up a little big and we have always found that the size/weight recommendations have run with age, unlike some other brands).

they also make excellent presents too…

(photo via Amazon)


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