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Almost every night before we put Pip to bed, we follow the same routine. She has a bath (and at the moment is loving a bubble machine Marto bought her, shouting “bu-bble” “bu-bble” “more” “more”) and them we settle down on the sofa to dry. We pat talc on her and then apply a nappy cream, selected from our rather vast selection (above). I’ve been sent two of these to review and bought the others myself and it occurred to me that a review post of them all might be in order, as who knows how to start buying things like nappy cream. I then put Pip in her pyjamas and she settles down to drink some milk whilst I read to her. We are currently mid way through Charlotte’s Web. She has started indicating when she is ready to go to bed this week, by handing me the box sleeve to put the book back into and then snuggling in, saying “la la la” which she also sings with me as I sing her the lullaby my mother in law taught me, which her father sang to her. Pip has started repeating each line back to me, “la la la” and then gives me and Marto a kiss before reaching into her cot. We got her a duvet last week which she prefers to the sleeping bags of old and now snugs down, making sure her rabbits are with her, saying “ne nigh” and tucking her head in and sleeping.

Anyway, the nappy creams.

1: Cowshed Baby Cow Organics Buttery Bottom Balm. I bought this in a sale and I love the brand but it is expensive full price. It smells nice and goes a long way. Quite an oily base rather than a white zinc cream. Best for protecting skin which is not showing signs of nappy rash. Comes in a flip top top tube. Organic. 75ml. Prices vary (not available on their website any longer so have linked to Amazon)

2: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment. I bought the first one in a set of Baby Bee Getting Started Kit and then bought another full size tube, which we have also finished. White zinc type cream, doesn’t rub in. Smells lovely. We used this a lot when Pip was smaller. Good in all situations but I wouldn’t put it on broken or blistered skin. Good consistency and smoothes on skin nicely. Comes in a screw or flip top tube, size dependent. Prices and sizes vary. We have a 55ml tube which I bought for more than the one I have linked to.

3: Organic Monkey bum fluff nappy balm. I was sent this for review. We use this on Pip’s skin when it isn’t showing any nappy rash as a preventative balm. Comes in a glass screw top pot which is pleasing to use, although not if you have long fingernails. Oily based set balm which melts as it is used. Smells nice but not strongly. Leaves protective oily film on the skin, hence I don’t use it on broken skin. I find it appealing that it is organic, fair trade, soil association approved and they give a percentage of profits to charity. 50ml £10.50.

4: Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream For Napkin Rash. We were given a tiny tub in the bounty pack and a big 400g tub in the centre of my nappy cake at my baby shower. Reliable fall back. White zinc based typed cream which doesn’t rub in. Used by mothers for aeons but I think better products exist. Would use on actual nappy rash. Light antiseptic smell. Press on lid to plastic tub in the size we have but also available in a tube; downside to pot is unpleasant with long nails but is cheaper. No points for organic, luxury or indulgent feelings when using but no complaints either. The reason why we started referring to nappies as “napkins”, which stuck. Sizes and prices vary depending on amount and container.

5: Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. We received a (very) small tube in our bounty pack and I haven’t bought any more although I have used the whole tube. The medical option; if Pip had suffered actual blistering or broken skin, I would have used this. No points for organic ingredients. Felt quite expensive for an antiseptic cream/ointment. Although other of the balms are similarly priced or more expensive, they are organic and/or better packaged so feel indulgent. I wouldn’t use on a regular basis as it seemed too chemically for everyday use, which is more than likely my perception than fact.

6: Green People Organic Babies nappy cream. We were sent this to review. White cream but more oil based than say Sudocrem. Came in a plastic type screw top pot. Middle ground between white style creams and oil based set balms, so we use it consistently, both during the day and before bed. Appealing organic ingredients and smell, applies well and protects Pip’s skin nicely. Oil has separated from cream slightly in pot but does not alter product. Goes onto skin well and smoothes in easily. Suitable for suffers of eczema, psoriasis and other skin allergies. 100% organic. We really like this cream and use frequently, including when Pip’s skin is red.  40ml £9.95.

7: Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Cream. I bought this full sized (75ml). Smells strongly of calendula as per the rest of their range. White cream but rubs in pretty well. Comes in a screw top tube and is thinner consistency and less thick zinc like (although it does contain zinc) than say Sudocrem. We use this frequently on Pip, usually during the day. Organic and mild. We are a fan of the whole of this range including their bath products. Prices vary but roughly £7.50 for 75ml.

Do we have a winner or outright favourite? No, not particularly. Each has it’s place and we use/have used all of them regularly and frequently depending on need, age of baby and time of day. I would recommend them all, both the ones I bought myself and the ones that I was sent to review and would buy all of them again with the exception of Bepanthen on the basis I would only use it if Pip had such severe nappy rash that I wanted something more ‘medically’ otherwise I probably wouldn’t buy that particular brand. The smaller tubes and tubs are more likely to be thrown into our bag for days out and for travelling or holidays. We like the variety and choice!

Has anyone else used these, or got any more for me to try or review?



  1. Gill Crawshaw September 19, 2013 / 8:55 pm

    We’ve been quite lucky as E doesn’t often get nappy rash (apart from one time she had a really bad case, and the doctor prescribed some sort of magic cream. Not sure what was in it but we had to keep it in the fridge). We have also used Metanium, which I think this is quite similar to Bepanthan. I was given a Neal’s Yard one at an event which I quite like, but it’s the thick white cream and you have to scoop it out of the pot – so it’s pretty messy!

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