The Golden Touch?

I went to see Caitlin Moran speak the other day. Glossier in real life than she sounds through her words, it was her words that I was reminded of mere days later when I lay back for a bikini wax.

I was invited to try an ‘intimate wax‘. Having no particular set feelings about bikini topiary and oscillating between options (time and money and inclination dependent), and not being one to turn down an experience, I said yes.

It was reassuring clinical and Hannah was deft and skilled at waxing, something you can’t always guarantee; the resulting pain level was so low I was surprised. It was one of the more unusual interviews that I have conducted. Apparently even in Soho Hannah sees more athletes than any one else. Within about 15 minutes Hannah’s work was finished and I was back out in Soho squeezing in a quick trip to Cos before heading home.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, The Golden Touch have kindly offered the following discount for The Little Pip readers.

goldenticket - little pip



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