Teddy check in service with Premier Inn

Teddy check in service with Premier Inn

*Post in collaboration with Premier Inn.

Back when Buster was a newborn, I did a sleep workshop. During that workshop, one of the tips that I learnt on establishing successful sleeping and self soothing was to introduce a sleep aid in the way of a special soft toy. It is obviously a tip which works as recent research One Poll last month revealed that 50%* of UK children cannot sleep without their favourite toy. My two must be unusual in that whilst they do take toys to bed every night, it is rarely the same one and we have several on rotation.

I know how traumatic it can for both parent and child when your child gets separated from their favourite toy though, having witnessed my sister inconsolable by the washing machine as hers went round for a clean, and heard stories of parents buying new versions of the various toys to try and be prepared for the loss of a favourite toy – which never seems to really work as the child always seems to be able to smell when the replacement is activated.

We’ve definitely lost our share of toys over the years, so I was tickled to hear that Premier Inn have launched a charming service this month to try and combat the numbers of lost toys. They will trial the Teddy Check In service over the next few months at Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4. Guests will receive a special teddy check in card upon arrival which will act as a reminder for parents plus with added top tips from our house keeping teams on where teddies and toys are most commonly found, so parents can make sure all family members are accounted for.

“We’ve seen cases of lost teddies rise over the holidays with team members finding on average 3,000 a month, with over 45,000 being left a year across our 760 hotels. Often they are found tucked under the duvet at the end of the bed or under the bed itself, but our team members try and treat these lost teddies differently to other lost property so its never long before families are reunited. Our Teddy Check In service will help ensure no more fluffy family members gets left behind again.

“Team members at Premier Inn hotels have been reuniting lost teddies with their owners for years, sending these fluffy friends as far as France, Spain, Sweden and even New Zealand.” ~ Emily Frank, Premier Inn

We definitely appreciate it when hotels go above and beyond in relation to making families feel comfortable and catered for. Pip has a passport for her teddy who was her chosen companion on our skiing holiday last year and which travelled round Italy with us when we went to a wedding last summer. We loved that the passport officials stamped his passport – Pip would have been delighted by a teddy check in service at the hotels. I look forward to trying it next time we pass through Heathrow.

Top places to lose a bear

  • Lost within the bedsheets
  • Under the bed or down the side of the bed
  • In a wardrobe or drawer – we’ve definitely nearly left favourite creatures tucked up in hotel drawers…
  • In the hotel restaurant
  • At reception



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