Supporting your child’s education with Education Quizzes

Supporting your child’s education with Education Quizzes

I can hardly believe that Pip is coming to the end of her first term at school. She’s making great steps towards reading and writing. I have to be honest that I struggle trying to work out how to support her – we read together almost every day and we spend a lot of time discussing words and their meanings, pointing out numbers, adding up things, sounding out words so she can write cards and lists and invitations – but I still worry we’re not doing enough. And then I remember she is only 4 and a half and it will come in time.

That said, when I was asked if I’d like to write about some age appropriate Key Stage 1 Education Quizzes I was pretty keen to try them out. Pip is always enthusiastic about anything relating to a chance to use the computer or tablet but I wanted to try them out myself first before letting her loose.

I liked that:

  • I could choose between the different key stages so I could make sure the quizzes I chose were appropriate to Pip’s ability but that I could also choose from KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE to support older children if I wanted – it’s sometimes tricky knowing what ability level is appropriate so this was comforting I wasn’t doing anything beyond her ability.
  • The quizzes are written by teachers so I could trust them – unlike the Christmas card I unwrapped to write today and found such a glaring grammatical error that I actually couldn’t bear to send it.
  • The topics were wide-ranging, not just writing, spelling or grammar – embarrassingly I am pretty sure that I couldn’t get 100% in the computing tasks…
  • The format of the quizzes – multiple choice is not always the best option but when trying to keep learning fun and relaxed I think it works well, and the answers appear as you work which helps keep motivation up.

I found some of the phrasing and question styles a little jarring or old fashioned, which I think is probably not unexpected with multiple authors and covering a wide range of subjects. In particular I smiled at the idea of “Which one of these helps you to search the internet?” but perhaps it is me that is outdated and that search engine is more outdated than a brand name – but I liked that the coding and all sorts of IT stuff was covered, even for the KS1 age group.

The subscription cost is £9.95 a month which gives access to all of the quizzes. I didn’t test the site on my tablet but I think if I could work out how to ensure that Pip could only access the Education Quizzes website and not wander off onto something else (and I’m sure that can be done), I would happily pay for her to be occupied for a set amount of time every day, particularly over the long summer holidays. After all, I am happy to pay for films and music by subscription – I suspect this will be the way forward, not really owning or downloading anything.

That said, Education Quizzes say:

We are conscious of the fact that not every parent can afford the £9.95 monthly subscription to the site and that is a major reason for us wanting to promote the idea to schools.  In essence, a school can pay us on behalf of the students and benefit from greatly reduced costs.  Depending on the number of students at a school, it is possible for them to sign-up students for as little as £2.00 per year.

As a PTA class rep, I will be enquiring at my school whether we have access already and if not, suggesting the PTA look into it…

A subscription to Education Quizzes is £9.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time

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  1. Emma T December 20, 2016 / 11:32 pm

    These look really interesting handy to be able to cover the different levels. Sounds like you’re doing everything right to encourage – at this stage last year, N was only just starting to bring reading books home.
    Thanks for linking up to #schooldays

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