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if you’re joining me in the 30 day wardrobe challenge  then you might find Style Up a useful resource. I came across it on Rebecca’s blog, Florence Finds, so you may already have seen it, but if you haven’t it’s worth a look. Basically, they send you an email every morning personalised to your city, weather and pre-determined choice of outfit style (i.e. office or casual, etc).

so far, none of the outfits they have sent me were able to be replicated from my wardrobe, but I like the idea of being sent outfit inspiration every morning. it also lists the weather forecast and temperatures etc, which is pretty handy. that said, they do need a child friendly option as this morning they suggested I should wear shades of caramel with sparkles at the wrist and had the model in light beige jeans with a white top. pretty, but impractical for a mum at home with an almost 1 year old. I ended up wearing blue jeans with a pale grey (machine washable) cashmere elbow length sleeved jumper, thus lightening my usual black and grey but still being suitable for grubbing around the floor and being snotted on.

If you read my earlier post about week one of the challenge, where I said that I was wearing the same Timberland Biker boots every day (much like the rest of the winter), well, as an upside of spring actually arriving, I’ve even branched out into my Converse instead. (gotta keep the Mum uniform intact)


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  1. Becky April 17, 2013 / 9:50 pm

    ‘Style Up’ looks great- I need this in my life! Am going to download tomorrow in the vain hope that it might make the rest of my outfits in this challenge look better!

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