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I am still alive, I promise, and will be back soon at the weekend with some posts about what I have been up to – life has been exceedingly busy! Who knew that working full time, having a three year old and trying to keep up with real life could be so time consuming. Still, I think now the summer holidays are over we are getting back into the swing of the routine a little, and may actually have one or two weekends at home.

I’m just popping in tonight to say hello though, as I did finally have part of an evening to myself, that I’ve written a little on sleep tips over at Love Boo. I will try and do some kind of longer follow up post here too on sleep as the workshop I mentioned in the post I found to be extremely helpful, and we made progress without having to resort to crying it out. So, there is hope!

Also, I bought a ticket to Blogfest – is anyone else going?

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