Seasonal Living | Christmas Traditions: Tree Decorating

Seasonal Living | Christmas Traditions: Tree Decorating

*Advertorial post in collaboration with Pines and Needles

I write a lot about seasonal living and I constantly talk here about ways to shut out the low times as British people I don’t think we are always the best at doing either. We seem to just try and carry on regardless – we don’t have siestas or hygge or any of the cosiness which helps some of our more northern neighbours through the darkest days of winter.

I am making a conscious effort to stop with all this and embrace cycles. From the lunar/monthly cycle of my months when there are energy dips and surges, so choosing different food and activities at different weeks, to the annual cycle of the earth around the sun and the seasonal differences we are lucky enough here to experience, I’m slowing down and paying more attention.

The start of advent is where I change from autumnal decor to more wintery and Christmas like additions; my build up to the winter solstice now starts with bringing a gorgeous soft nordmann fir in and gently starting the decorating process.


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