Things to do in the school holidays: create a movie themed #immersivenightin

Things to do in the school holidays: create a movie themed #immersivenightin

It’s been rather wet and gloomy down here in Cornwall this past week and we’re all suffering a little from feeling a bit discombobulated from moving, not really being properly unpacked and so on. We are going to have to work harder to do some more luxurious lounging at home to try and cheer ourselves up.

A couple of days before we left London I went along to a blogging event held by Currys and Sony to launch the new Sony OLED TV. They created for us an amazing #immersivenightin with everything themed around different films and it was an excellent night. I’m proposing to surprise Pip by recreating something similar themed around one of her favourite things to watch.

Whilst the evening had been beautifully executed by JoesBloggers and Currys, in actual fact the main ideas are super simple and easy to recreate. I think it would make an excellent low key hen party or winter birthday party as well as just being a lovely night in at a weekend.

Food and drink

At the event, every part was a clue forming a quiz – you could either adopt that, or just pick one thing as theme to run throughout. The afternoon tea style food was Alice in Wonderland and the cosmo cocktails were of course Sex and the city. I’m a sucker for an old school type tea with little sandwiches and sausage rolls served on vintage cake stands, so this was right up my street. To recreate this at home I would keep the vintage cake stands and finger food idea, but I think I would probably pick something My Little Pony themed which is currently Pip’s favourite and serve up something suitably pony-esque and use themed napkins.


At the event, a lot of trouble had been gone to with the decor, movie clues everywhere (daisies, roses) and even a smell of chocolate wafting through the air at one point. The main takeway was that everything should be cozy and if possible assembled ahead of time, so your mini (or not so mini) guests come in they are transported to somewhere else for the evening.

I’m not quite sure how I’d replicate any of the My Little Pony sets at home but I might well put out the tipi that I made and fill it with blankets and cushions so that it feels decadent and grown up… Our current TV is tiny, so I would probably put it on the floor so they could watch sitting on their cushions but that beautiful thin beveled flatscreen Sony would warrant sitting on the sofa!


At the event, it was great to catch up with bloggers that I already knew, and also make new friends. If I was doing this event for adults, I’d give some thought to making sure I had a good mix of new and old friends too, much like a dinner party, ensuring there were enough chairs or cushions. In our current house that would mean I could only invite 2 people, as we only have 2 functioning chairs, and no sofa, but I’m sure we will come to a solution soon. For the children, I’d invite a small mix of friends, crucially making sure the theme is something that they’d all enjoy.


I’m not sure that just sitting and eating makes the best evening if you have guests over – I think you want something interactive as well. Something surprising perhaps, or something which gets everyone chatting. Sometimes something as simple as word games does the trick – you have to know your audience. I’ve played some excellent games of consequences, and you could have a movie theme to them (or hen party if you’re adapting the idea) and if you’re doing this with kids then a movie themed version of the body parts game could work well (draw a head, fold, next person does body etc). Or, you could go all out, and do a murder mystery for everyone, which is what happened at the event. One minute we were drinking cocktails and working out quiz questions, then next, we were knee deep in a strange love triangle A Turn for the Nurse played by the excellent Smoke & Mirrors actors. Surreal to say the least, but I haven’t laughed that much in ages!

Other things which I think would work well would be a magician, or everyone dressing up to the same theme. When we do this with Pip, we will probably get out all the ponies, and also play some board games. If I were doing this for a new year’s party though, a pre-organised themed dressing up murder mystery would work very well.

Or, you could go all out and give a massive element of surprise and awe – acrobats! (They performed to movie soundtracks. They were awesome and even more unexpected than the murder mystery…)


Thanks to Sony & Currys PC World for inviting me. You can find more ideas here for your own #immersivenightin.


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