Quick bedroom updates for summer

Quick bedroom updates for summer

The weather has finally been warm these past few days and nights. Which means summer bedding is now a necessity, not just a dream. I love the feel of crisp cotton and linen at the end of a hot day, particularly when it smells of being dried outside then sprayed with a little lavender linen spray. I’m so particular about bedding in hot weather that I often give up precious suitcase space to bring a sheet with me.
Bed linen - The Little Pip
Bed linen 2- The Little Pip
I’ve mentioned before that one of my maternity leave goals is to finish decluttering the house. Well, I’m starting to make small progress. Last week I went through my linen drawer and threw away (well, sent to the charity shop for rag) all of the white pillow cases that were no longer white, and several sheets which had worn thin in the middle after years of use – in some instances these had been my grandmother’s, so they’d had a very good innings. I’m trying to keep nothing that doesn’t “spark joy” or is beautiful in being utilitarian or essential, so endeavouring to be ruthless, trying to use the things I often overlook and either rediscovering lost pieces (so far, I haven’t) or, more likely, remembering why I always put them back in favour of something else. (Too thin/worn, too fiddly, marked with a forgotten tea spill (or just discoloured) and uncomfortable have been the main culprits so far).

Space cleared, obviously my mind turned to new bed linens. This warmer weather means warmer nights, and so some of the things which were perfect for winter now either need storing away or discarding, and, like me, you might discover that all of your summer bedlinen fell into the too worn or too discoloured category.

I’ve rounded up a few of the pieces I’ve got my eye on, including some bedspreads, which are excellent for changing up the decor of the room for summer really easily. Add a beautiful bedspread and some peonies and you’ve a totally new look.

I’m usually drawn to more muted colours and stripes, although occasionally a floral does grab my eye. I do love a Liberty print, as regular readers will know, and like to mix up my textures. I think a plainer but textured linen works well against a crisp cotton and then I like to team it all with either a mix up of blushes and floral pillowcases, or a mix up of different stripes.

Best of all, using a linen duvet or sheet means you don’t have to iron. Line dry, and throw it on the bed. Linen looks great crumpled and creased. Better still, use the linen (or anything you have already) underneath a cotton bedspread which can be quickly pulled over and will hide all manner of un-ironed or bottom of the laundry pile bedlinen.

Image 1: Grey cotton striped bedspread from YorkshireLinenCo (who have lots of other 100% cotton bedspreads on discounted prices too) | Liberty print pillowcases from Coco & Wolf | White cotton bedspread from The White Company | Grey linen duvet cover from La Redoute | Image 2: Antique Rose bedspread by Cath Kidston | Washed linen duvet cover from Toast |Lazy bed linen by Loaf | Grey quilted bedspread from Silk & Soak

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