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Pip might be a year old, but even now, we find occasionally that the little pouches of baby food are pretty handy to have stashed in the cupboard. When she is teething, or suffering from one of what seems like an endless round of ear infections and tonsillitis, we find that offering a comforting pouch of purée in addition to her regular food helps ensure that she is enthusiastic about eating and we know that she has got something in her little tummy. I also make sure we have one or two in her nappy bag in case of food related emergency on one of our excursions.

I’ve been a fan of the Plum range since we started the weaning process about 7 months ago. I think pretty much the first thing she ate was their stage 1 porridge, and even now, we start the day with a bowl of their more age appropriate porridge (although we just buy what is available in our local shop, so this month she is back to stage 2 but I just make it less runny and she eats it herself). She has such a variety of foods and textures that I don’t worry about whether the stage is technically too young for her.

When Plum contacted me regarding their new range of stage 1 pouches we initially had a discussion about whether Pip was an appropriate tester, but, we decided that she was as we still do buy the pouches. And still suffering from teething pains, she’s tried them all. At her age, whether she deigns to eat something is largely dictated by things other than taste, but I can safely say that she enjoyed the combinations.


Rather than rehash their press release, here’s what they had to say about the new flavours.

Pear, blueberry & purple carrot is an unusual combination, and a
gorgeous deep purple colour too (get out the dark-coloured bib for this
one!) The flavours go together amazingly well, though – the earthy
carrot taste blending beautifully with the tang of blueberries and sweet
pear. (We chose the less well-known purple variety of carrots because in
addition to the beta-carotene their orange cousins have, they also
contain other powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins, which help
protect against a whole host of diseases. Plus, they’re gorgeous!)

Broccoli & apple might not be a combo you’d try for your next dinner
party, but it’s a good way to introduce babies to the sometimes
challenging flavour of broccoli. This super-veg is legendary for being
pushed around on the plates of kids everywhere, but it’s well worth the
effort to convince your baby that ‘trees’ are tasty – after all,
broccoli contains loads of vitamin C and lots of other healthful
compounds in those bobbly green branches! We’ve blended it with a bit of
apple, but let the fresh green taste shine through as well.

Sweet potato, corn & apple is another Plum-style recipe – unusual, but
it works! Sweet potatoes have a big nutritional advantage over the white
variety; they offer more fibre and beta-carotene and have less effect on
baby’s blood sugar. Corn has a natural sweetness babies love and some
powerful antioxidants as well, but it can be challenging to puree
smoothly for little ones at home, so we’ve added it here, too.

Like all of our Plum recipes, these blends also contain protein-rich
quinoa, making them well-balanced meals that are ideal for the littlest
ones. This is especially handy during early weaning – after all, if your
baby is only eating a spoonful or two, why not make it as nutritious and
delicious as possible?

These are lovingly-crafted combinations, designed to help parents get
vegetables into their little ones from the outset, providing the perfect
balance to sweeter fruits. Plum is passionate about providing babies
with delicious, flavourful organic meals made with the highest quality
ingredients, because we believe giving our kids the very best start in
life will unlock their future potential to be truly amazing in whatever
they do.”

I’m pleased that Plum have introduced some new and more unusual combinations. When we were new to the weaning process, I liked to make sure Pip ate a variety of different flavours and combinations even when solely eating puree. I particularly like that Plum include quinoa and more savoury type flavours, as a lot of the other brands rely heavily on apple. Pip is a good eater and loves strong flavours (olives being a favourite) so I wasn’t surprised that she enjoyed these pouches.


Thanks to Plum for the review pouches. All words and opinions my own (& Pip’s). Find details of my sponsorship policy here



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