Pip’s room (part one)

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Slowly, slowly we are making progress with Pip’s bedroom. The landlords had a daughter Pip’s age and they were living in the house before us, so the room is clearly a child’s room – the blind has animals on and the only storage space is a high wall mounted shelf with a rail suspended underneath it for hangers. (I forgot to style her bedroom or the clothes before I took these photos, so literally, what you see here is what the bedroom looks like).

At Christmas, Pip started climbing out her cot and so in this new place we bought a mattress for the floor, thinking we’d get a bed as well. In the event, John Lewis couldn’t deliver the two at the same time, so we just got the mattress and three months later, that’s still what she’s sleeping on. I gave Pip a lovely little white side table that I bought in an antiques place back when we lived in Somerset (you can see the legs in the photos above) and we have an Expedit for books and so on as well.

One thing that we wanted to address was the carpet. It is a white wool one which I wanted to protect with a rug. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to put down. I was thinking perhaps of using our old one with roads/carparks on it, but after all our damp problems in the previous house, it smelt a little and I thought something new might be better. We’ve been testing this sea adventure one from My Rug Store which we’ve been very pleased with. It’s a lovely bright colour which is working well as a focal point and will look even better once we sort out Pip’s bed. It isn’t actually wool but it’s really soft and nice to play on and lovely underfoot. We’ve been using it for the past month and even with repeated hoovering, it hasn’t lost any bits or shed everywhere. The only downside wasn’t even rug related – it’s that I didn’t really like the fact that it is listed as a boys rug, as a rug is a rug so far as I am concerned. However, I couldn’t fault the customer service or communication as it arrived the very next day.

Now we just need a bed and the room might be finished enough to show some more photos! My sister has painted the most amazing rabbit which I must photograph and add as well and I really need some frames to hang some of the other bits and pieces that I’ve collected for her walls.

Thanks to My Rug Store for the rug.



  1. Polly Davies June 1, 2014 / 7:17 pm

    love the rug!! my girls opted for a pinker, ‘girlie’ one lol

  2. fritha June 3, 2014 / 6:39 pm

    i love all her dresses! always love a room tour 🙂 x

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