Today has been hard work. We missed a class this morning because my little willful Pip just would not allow herself to be got ready. It took over five minutes to wrestle her into a nappy. I swear to god it would have been easier to put the bloody thing on Delilah. Part way into her porridge, she pooped. As we were repeating the nappy wrestling, Delilah leapt up on to the table and polished off the porridge. My shouting alone removed her from the table. So we didn’t make the class. Apparently there was something in the water, as none of the other mums that I was supposed to go with made it either.

We all congregated instead for a walk in the woods and some coffee.

But then, this evening, to turn the mornings trials on it’s head, Pip carried out a game of peek-a-boo. She was lying on my lap after her bath, and, in a bid to distract from the usual nappy wrestling, I played peek-a-boo with her and her towel. Her response? She grabbed the towel out of my hands and pulled it over her face before raising her arms in the air to remove the towel. Shrieking with laughter and repeated it, over and over again.



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