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Once again a busy week. Just dropping in quickly to share a couple of things which I’ve been writing about elsewhere. I deliberated for a while before mixing the professional and the personal, but, it’s related to what I talk about here, so I thought I’d share.

I was asked by mama mio to contribute to their ‘my motherhood’ series and you can read my post here. some of it may be familiar to long time readers, as some of it is part of what I wrote for Josie’s post here back in the early part of 2013 (and was published in March 2013). Nearly a year on from that, I’ve had more time to reflect on motherhood and so whilst the feeling of what I wrote for Josie had not changed, I had more to add. So it is kind of an amalgamation. I hope you like it.

I also wrote about children not being a barrier to success at the Future of Law blog as part of my day job and as it is on the theme of working mothers, I thought I’d share that too.

(photos by the wonderful Cara of Bird & Bear)


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