Life recently (or, my name is Rachel and I’m a peony addict)

Life recently (or, my name is Rachel and I’m a peony addict)

As anyone who follows my on Instagram cannot failed to have noticed, I’m massively in love with peonies. And roses. And flowers in general. As May dwindles into the distant past and the cow parsley and the hawthorn fade, June arrives with an abundance of peonies and roses. Perhaps it is the alternate sun and rain we’ve been having for the past few weeks but everything is looking beautiful at the moment. Plus, this week is British Flower Week, so what an excellent week to celebrate my favourite flowers.

Peonies Bloom & Wild - The Little Pip

My camera roll is absolutely full of pink and white flowers.  I am particularly enamoured with the peonies that I was sent by Bloom & Wild. They opened beautifully, are the type that is soft and fluffy with hundreds of petals like feathers, smell divine and lasted a week before the first petals started to drop. These are the Lottie and if you click this link you can get £10 off your bunch. Quick – before peony season has faded and we are into the summer properly. Thankfully my husband is on board with my peony obsession and views them much like asparagus – buy locally and seasonally and gorge for the few short weeks that they are around. If you haven’t ordered from Bloom & Wild before you must try them out: the flowers arrive on the date of your choosing in a flat brown cardboard box which fits through the letterbox and the flowers are individually packed and then tied with a beautiful bow. A real treat!

Peonies Bloom & Wild 2- The Little Pip

June is also the month that the roses in the garden start blooming. I love my roses (but thankfully have not yet reached American Beauty lengths) – I inherited this love from my grandmother, so it seemed natural that when she died I would buy a rose to remember her. I chose Gertrude Jeckyll as I remember her garden as full of pink and scented blooms. When M’s grandmother died last summer, I chose Gentle Hermione. For Pip, born in 2012, I have Royal Jubilee – created in 2012 and bright pink – perfect for Pip. I cut them and bring them inside as I generally enjoy them more that way but I enjoy them outside as I’ve got them in pots next to the bench where I can sit with my coffee. Don’t get me started on the aphids and slugs though…

Peonies and roses - The Little Pip

Pip and I also like to look at other people’s gardens, frequently stopping to admire and smell. We also keep our eyes out in the park and along our route to school for severed blooms – we have acquired some stunning ones this way, the product of other people’s carelessness or vandalism. Where there is no stalk left, we simply float them in a dish or saucer of water.

I am part of the Bloom & Wild Wildflower collective and was sent the Lottie bouquet. Other peonies I bought at Columbia Road Flower Market; Roses grown by me or found by Pip.



  1. Slummy single mummy June 16, 2016 / 12:06 pm

    They are beautiful. I love too how the Bloom and Wild seem to spring to life when you take them out of their little covers – it’s almost magical!

  2. Kathryn June 16, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I have to say I am a little envious as my recent peonies didn’t open up properly (but I think I know how to remedy that now). I will enjoy yours vicariously xx

  3. Claire June 16, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Gorgeous photos- I wish there was a click and smell option! x

  4. Katie Albury June 20, 2016 / 2:10 pm

    Oh my goodness these are just beautiful! I really want to practice on my photography a little more and flowers are good place to start…we are in the process of moving so I’m looking forward to having our very own garden! x

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