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20130601-204007.jpg life has been pretty busy recently. every night when I’ve got Pip into bed, the last thing I’ve felt up to was getting some blogs posts together. it was half term and Marto was at a work event pretty much every evening, so I’ve felt busier than ever. I took these photos at the park one wet morning. the park should have been overflowing but my mother in law, nephew and me & Pip were the only people there. Pip hates the swing; screams if we even so much sit her in it, but she loves the slide. loves it. climbs up the steps by herself, loves it.
20130601-204021.jpgwe bought Pip her first pair or shoes the other day and last weekend she even took a couple of steps. she’s still not walking properly but will stand there quite contentedly for up to a minute or so at a time, before sitting down and crawling off at speed. she’s also adding things to towers as well as just knocking them over. her communications are massively improving too; it’s quite clear what she is wanting a lot of the time, including requesting that we either put on or take off her clothes, passing her the water and so on. 20130601-204031.jpgI’ve also spent quite a bit of time thinking about and applying for jobs these past few weeks. if and when I have decided what to do, I will write a proper post, but for the moment, I’m keeping everything close to my chest. hope you understand. 20130601-204038.jpgwe also took a trip away from London last weekend; we headed up to Essex to the beach. more in the next post!


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