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Liberty | Mamas & Papas Spring 2016

I must have written before of my unending love for Liberty fabrics and patterns in all their guises. I’m seriously coveting some of the pieces from the latest Mamas & Papas Liberty Collection which launched this week. Mamas & Papas also seem to have 15% off for new customers too, using the code which pops up on the Mamas & Papas site.Liberty Mamas and Papas

I’ve collated some of my favourite pieces from the collection above – 3 are from the current collection and available now, although sadly the largest size they were available in when I tried to get Pip the jacket in the middle was aged 2-3, which is just too small for Pip, but I still wanted to share how beautiful the collection is, particularly as I can’t buy it… Although, if anyone I know gives birth to a girl then I’m buying them something from this range. I don’t usually like particularly gendered, or pink, clothes, but somehow, I’ve made a mental exception for these. The previous collection was available up to aged 3-4, so it was rather a disappointment to find this one stops smaller. If your daughter will fit into them then lucky you – the quality of the previous collection was really good, and I seriously love that little quilted jacket!

The others are from the lookbook to launch later in the year, I assume summer, and I am kind of hoping baby 2 is a girl just so I can buy the Irma Tana Print Sundress & Knicker Set (6) alongside one of the sun hats. (Did I ever write anywhere I bought some Liberty bloomers in the sale at Christmas on the off-chance the baby is a girl?)

I bought Pip a couple of pieces from the collection last autumn and she loves wearing them – this is the Emilia blouse & trouser set. To be perfectly honest, she prefers wearing the two separately but we’ve had a lot of wear out of them both, and the tutu skirt has been worn to every party and to the ballet, teamed with a Zara velvet cape. I recently found the photos from an autumnal outing to Hampstead Heath and realised I’d never posted them – better late than never, right?

Liberty Mamas & Papas Collection | The Little Pip Liberty Mamas & Papas Collection | The Little Pip Liberty Mamas & Papas Collection | The Little Pip

1 | Glenjade Print Frill Dress 2 | Peacock Jacket 3 | Emma Bib 4 | Tee and Emma Tutu 5 | Glenjade Print Sun Hat 6 | Irma Tana Print Sundress & Knicker Set


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