Letting in the light with Bifold Doors and Lantern Roofs

Letting in the light with Bifold Doors and Lantern Roofs

One of the great pleasures of being on holiday is that it gives you space to dream. Dream, and plan. We’ve been staying at an amazing place with panoramic views of the sea and sky, which in Cornwall means watching an ever changing scene as fronts move in from the sea changing the colour of the entire landscape in moments.

Cornwall skyline - The Little Pip

M and I have always known that we won’t live in London forever and our conversations increasingly turn to the house that we are going to renovate/build in Cornwall “one day”. My list of requirements is pretty long short but the one thing that a lot of it has in common is the view and how to frame it.

More and more frequently, I’ve been peeking into gardens, reading Grand Designs magazines and pinning things which are inspiring. Cooking and eating are a massive and integral part of our way of life – we probably spend more on this than anything else of our disposable budget – and even with a newborn we have friends over for dinner once or twice a week. At present we’ve only double patio doors out into our little garden but after taking notes on what we both love about other people’s houses and restaurants, we’re both agreed that we need bi-fold glass doors from the kitchen area into the garden (perhaps like these ones from Team Frames). In winter so that we don’t miss out on any of the amazing changing sky scenes like these – taken within the last 48 hours – but in summer, there is no gap between inside and outside. My friend Mary has these in her kitchen and I am always super jealous of them every time we go round…

I also dream of a bathroom with a big copper bath, a long thin window at eye height where I can rest my tea cup and a lantern roof where I can lie back and watch the sky and clouds.

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