Last things for the nursery


The last thing we needed for the nursery is due to be collected this afternoon. Although we plan to use cloth nappies, at least for the first week or so, and possibly on occasion after that, we will be using disposables. After all, for one reason or another, we have about 200 of them in various newborn sizes. Some I got free when joining supermarket parenting clubs, some came in my nappy cake (which I must tell you about as soon as my sister has chance to sort out the photos she took) and others my nephew has grown out of so we inherited the remainder of the packs. Anyway, we decided that the nursery needed a bin.

So, this is the one we chose. A small duck egg blue pedal bin from John Lewis. I didn’t know bins came in pretty colours. If I did, I may have been more inclined to buy one for the house before now.

It matches the turquoise spotted changing mat that we got from Mothercare and goes nicely with the orange boxes that I got in the 99p shop to store nappies and the like in. If Pip doesn’t come later, maybe I’ll try and take some photos of the nursery to share.

Photo from John Lewis website



    • thelittlepip April 20, 2012 / 2:00 pm

      It’s all this waiting. It’s reduced me to blogging about bins 🙂

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