Last Minute Gift Ideas | Micro Scooters

Last Minute Gift Ideas | Micro Scooters

When we lived in London, mini Micro Scooters were practically standard issue. We bought Pip her first one for her second birthday and it was an absolute godsend, particularly on the nursery run when she had really outgrown her buggy but was a bit small to do the 15-minute walk reliably quickly (always late, obvs). Buster has inherited that one now, so for Christmas two years ago, we gave her the larger Micro Scooter, with matching helmet.

Down here in Cornwall, scooters are less visible. Perhaps because we now drive to school (we live in a tiny hamlet about 10/15 minutes drive from the school – our road doesn’t even have a pavement!) we tend to only use the scooters at weekends when we visit National Trust places, or walk/scoot on the Camel Trail. Yet every time we get them out on the scooters, I am so glad we did.

They are nicely made, work well, are balanced, and can be handed down kid to kid.


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