Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Ideas

We’ve just come back from visiting friends in Copenhagen – I worked out that we’ve been friends for almost 15 years. In that time they’ve lived in 3 countries and we’ve stayed with them in all of their apartments. We’ve also all got married and had kids; their youngest will turn 1 this week.

As we visit pretty much every 6 months, the evolution of their space to suit their family requirements is pretty obvious, perhaps in a way that it wouldn’t be if we saw them all the time. We’ve been pondering for weeks what to do about our impending arrival and how we will house them in our tiny north London place, and it was on the plane home that we got to thinking about kids bedroom ideas and whether we might try and replicate our friends solution: swap rooms. We take the smaller room, and we turn ours into a kids bedroom with a cot and bunk beds, along with all the toys.

I’ve started looking through blogs and website, and pinning some ideas which have appealed, looking to see whether a theme is emerging – although aside from a Scandinavian aesthetic and lots of white to go with the orange and mint nursery theme I’ve chosen for the new baby, I haven’t got very far. There’s a lot to think about; aside from storage for Pip and the new baby’s clothes, we also need a changing station of some sort and some more cohesive way to organise the toys. Both rooms already have a neutral carpet and walls, although if we do swap rooms, there is also a red feature wall, although in both cases, I’d quite like to paint this a dark grey, which I think is more restful.

Children’s Bedroom : Modern nursery/kids room by Studio Duggan


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I measured the space in the smaller room last week and I am pretty sure we can fit in a small single bed (or perhaps even the bunks) but that wouldn’t leave much room for a cot. I am increasingly convinced that swapping rooms might be the answer to the space problem, although it doesn’t address the fitted wardrobes in our room – could we cope with our wardrobes in the kids bedroom?

Tipi—The Tipiz : Modern nursery/kids room by moKee

That said, if we did swap rooms, I might be able to get out the tipi that I made Pip for her first birthday, which she loves but there isn’t really enough room for at present. After all, every blogger’s child needs a tipi in their room, right?!

The one thing I have realised that I like, having scrolled through reams of photos, is good use of space, cohesive furniture styles (even if it is *just* some Ikea and John Lewis bits) and not too much colour, aside from bedding, toys and books (and my orange cot, of course!). Most of all, it needs to suits Pip (and the new baby’s) needs first and foremost.

Any suggestions for me? Which room did you give your kids?

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  1. Alice February 4, 2016 / 2:25 pm

    The people who lived in this house before me also swapped rooms with their kids – the couple had the smaller one. I decided against doing that myself, primarily because of the walk-in wardrobe that’s in my room (my clothing collection is quite insane) but also because the children’s bedroom actually suits their needs quite well. They have bunk beds now and they LOVE THEM and with clever storage I don’t think we notice the fact the room is a little bit small x

  2. Slummy single mummy February 4, 2016 / 2:48 pm

    My kids have actually quite often had the biggest rooms in the house. That’s because then I can shove ALL of their stuff in there, and they have plenty of room to play. Then I don’t have to have their toys filling up other rooms!

  3. LaineyLou February 4, 2016 / 10:13 pm

    I have precisely zero experience with housing children (or indeed with children generally) but I definitely agree with thinking about room assignments differently. Some of our friends use their third bedroom as a room-size walk-in wardrobe, built out with Ikea’s amazingly flexible fittings, which frees up tons of space in the rest of their apartment. It’s an approach we’ll definitely follow when we next move house but would never have thought of before, as we previously believed wardrobes only belonged in each individual bedroom. Good luck with the planning and with the doing!

  4. Polly February 4, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    My middle two share a room, and we gave them the master bedroom as it made most sense. The second bedroom is still huge – we have a.Kong size bed, dressing table and two giant wardrobes with space to move, but as they spend time in their room playing we decoded to give them the extra space. They’re currently sharing a king size bed but we’re planning on getting them cabin beds this year.

  5. Amanda February 5, 2016 / 12:39 pm

    We’ve toyed with this a few times, especially as my youngest daughters room is tiny, but we ended up just reorganising both bedroom, and adding an abundance of storage, ans phew it worked!

  6. Kathryn February 6, 2016 / 11:24 am

    Sometimes a room swap really is the answer. We did this with ours so that our eldest Charlie could have his own smaller room and the two younger girls could share. It seems like a major hassle but actually it’s worth it in the long run xx

  7. Eva Birch February 11, 2016 / 5:25 pm

    Our kids don’t have the biggest room(they really should as the have tons of “stuff’). We have tried to be as clever as we can with space, we recently decided to get two children’s high sleeper beds. Our two love them as we put some wall stickers on the ceiling that glow in the dark so it is a bit of a novelty being high up. For us we absolutely love the space we have saved. Finally their rooms have some sort of order and look tidy…well sort of!

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