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I’ll eat you up, I love you so (Make your own Max crown)




One of Pip’s favourite books is Where the Wild Things Are, so naturally for World Book Day she had to be Max.

I couldn’t find a wolf suit very easily, and knowing that she also adores Peter Rabbit, I got a multi functional brown animal suit from EBay, which is technically a bear. I meant to make a wolf tail for it, a la Max, but I didn’t realise pre-school were doing costumes on the Thurs, not the Friday.

The crown was one that I made for her first birthday and is really easy to replicate if you’re making your own Max outfit. I made it out of felt. Don’t do what I did though and accidentally buy half sew half glue, and then sew both parts. Ruined a sewing machine needle clogging it up with glue before I realised what was going wrong. The crown really needs extending before her birthday in a couple of weeks, but we managed to get it done up over the ears albeit with an ugly bit of velcro showing. (Something I’ve learnt over the years is that costumes are about effects, not perfection!)

To make your own crown you’ll need:

  • 2 squares of felt (I bought mine at a haberdashery and they were a standard size square)
  • enough bias binding for the circumference of the head the crown is intended for (1m should suffice),
  • thread (I used grey to give a little definition to the mustard colour)
  • sewing machine or needles to hand sew
  • pins
  • scissors
  • tracing paper to make the template
  • velcro

To make your crown:

  1. Measure the head of the child and add a 5cm overlap. This crown measures 52cm in total circumference which includes the overlap.
  2. Draw a half crown pattern out onto your tracing paper, from middle point to the outer edge. This crown is 8cm at the tallest point and 6 at the shortest. Make sure you have a point right in the middle of the pattern so that it is even. This will be half the crown. Cut out.
  3. Pin the pattern to the felt and cut out 4 identical pieces. Using double weight of felt gives the crown enough structure to stay upright on the head without flopping over.
  4. Pin together two pieces with the highest points together and sew down the short side (middle seam)
  5. Repeat with the other two pieces.
  6. You’ll now have two identical whole crown pieces, which you need to stitch together along the top edge, keeping them lined up carefully and stitching only a couple of mm in from the edge, making sure that the points all line up.
  7. Sew bias binding down each of the short edges.
  8. Sew bias binding along the bottom of the crown.
  9. Sew on your velcro to the short edges which will be the back of the crown, one on the one side and one on the other, so that the velcro will form a closing. I did two pieces on side, and one on the other, so the crown could be “let out” as Pip’s head grew bigger, although that does mean that some of the velcro shows now her head is bigger.
  10. There you have it!

And that was it. Add a two year old temper and tantrum skills and your transformation to Max is complete.

On June 13th Wild Rumpus and Random House are holding a nationwide event to celebrate the nation’s love of Where the Wild Things Are. They are inviting people to host their own Wild Rumpus (no idea what the plural is!) and join in with reading the book aloud starting at the rumpus. Clearly we will be joining in…



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