Ideas for nursery



I came across these darling lovebirds this evening. Once we have moved into our new flat, I might start thinking about decorations. Until recently, I thought we’d only have one bedroom but, by making compromises, such as further from a tube station and being on a more main road, we have managed to find a two bed flat with a garden ( which backs onto houses, so hopefully Delilah will be ok). Anyway, once we at in and settled,I thought I might make a corner of the spare room into a nursery. I already have some mini bunting, back from when I used to make it. And I thought these lovebirds might make a nice addition. Although I might make my own version. After all, I made two birds once for our wedding cake. I’m sure I can do it again, right?!

Lovebirds by Kirsty Elson Designs via etsy. Photographs by Kirsty Elson.


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