Easter rabbits and hares

Easter rabbits and hares

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter – I meant to post this on Easter Sunday but something happened to my scheduling and it never went out, but perhaps everyone was busy doing egg hunts and eating dinner with their families…

Pip is pretty obsessed with rabbits, so I am always on the look out for some good rabbit related things, and these are some of our favourites recently, which I thought would have all made lovely Easter presents.

The Little Pip - Rabbits and Hares

I love a good Liberty print and both Coco and Wolf and Magnificent Stanley are small businesses which I like to support – I am coveting both of these rabbit/hare t-shirts and will likely order one for Pip once the baby has arrived (I might get them something matching…)

The Little Pip | Easter Egg Hunt

I also wanted to try and find out where the bag that Pip loves and has used in her egg hunts could be bought from now that sadly Fritha’s shop has closed. I managed to track down both colours to the shop in the link below. As you can see from below, we used them last year as well, so they’ve already done pretty well for 2 egg hunts.

2015-04-05 11.10.27

2015-04-05 11.08.12

Last year’s hunt had to be held inside – and this bashful bunny which Pip was given at my baby shower hid one of the clues. I am trying to decide what soft toy shape baby 2 should have –  I kind of feel rabbits belong to Pip, but I do love them so. Perhaps one with floral ears would work?

Animalesque - Sara Lowe - Leonie Freeman

And lastly, I love love love these headdresses which Sara Lowe makes by screen printing and then sewing into the most amazing woodland and other creatures. I am in the process of choosing one of them for Pip – more on that soon, I hope.

1 | Coco and Wolf Leaping hare Liberty print tee shirt 2 | Sass & Belle Easter gift bag 3 | Mothercare Peter Rabbit suit 4 | Magnificent Stanley Liberty print rabbit tee shirt 5 | Jellycat Blossom Bashful Bunny 6 | Animalesque white rabbit headdress

All lifestyle photos by me aside from the Animalesque image which is by Leonie Freeman photography and is used with permission from Animalesque’s website.


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