Decorative garden with kids

Decorative garden with kids

We are really lucky to have our own outside space – like most North London gardens where the houses have been divided into flats, we’ve ended up with a long narrow garden. It makes for an interesting challenge particularly as we want to get a mix of practicality (furniture, bbq etc), child friendly space and plenty of plants, flowers and ideally some veg growing as well.

When Wayfair challenged me to try and make more use of the space and also create a decorative garden, I was really keen. We decided to maximise the garden in two ways. First of all, we folded up the table and installed a bench which meant that it opened up the space a bit more, and I can still sit out there with my morning coffee, or have somewhere to rest the washing basket. Secondly, we got a plant ladder/stand which has lifted up some of the plants into the sun, and also makes accessing the herbs a bit easier.

Wayfair Decorative garden - before - The Little Pip (1)

We headed to the garden centre and allowed Pip to select some plants that she liked, as well as mint, chives, rosemary, sage and thyme, to supplement the herbs we already which had gone a bit sad over the winter. I chose some lavender, ranunculus and other scented plants, which I thought would go nicely either side of the bench and complement the roses which I already have growing in a series of pots.

The next stage was for M to put together the items when they arrived. I have to admit we found the bench trickier than anticipated – I thought self assembly would be more like Ikea than having to drill and measure every hole, but we got there in the end, and I started stacking the plants in the various zinc pots and ceramic troughs that I’d chosen from Wayfair, trying to find positions that I liked which worked for the sun, and the plants in question. Pip is pretty keen on them especially now that her beans and nasturtiums and radishes have also been planted out, and enjoys watering them with her little watering can.
The Little Pip | Wayfair-3

Once everything was in place I then added the solar lights which also came from Wayfair which Pip is quite keen on – a perfect example of compromise which has to take place when you’re sharing a garden space with kids but don’t really have enough room to have dedicated play items.

I’ve really enjoyed sitting out on the bench with a cup of tea whilst little baby 2 sleeps in his pram next to me. Roll on the rest of summer!

Wayfair Decorative garden - after- The Little Pip

The Little Pip | Wayfair-1 The Little Pip | Wayfair-2

Bench, plant ladder, solar lamps and a selection of zinc and ceramic pots c/o Wayfair Blanket – old vintage wool from here (Junkaholique’s previous shop) | pillow covered by me in Merchant & Mills striped Hickory denim | cup – vintage Cornishware

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  1. Jess @ Along Came Cherry May 19, 2016 / 6:47 am

    It looks really pretty 🙂 I need to focus more on our garden, we’ve just moved and once the house has been sorted out it’s on my list of things to do x

  2. Kathryn May 21, 2016 / 8:02 pm

    This post made me smile as just today we went to the garden centre with the kids and they loved picking out their favourite plants and then helped us as we tidied up the front garden. It felt good 🙂 xx

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