I guess the American bit of my favourite autumn celebrations makes me crave that wholesome American look - plaid shirts, boots, jeans, proper outerwear and good knitwear and hats/gloves/scarves. I waited *ages* for some American brands to be available easily in the UKbut what I hadn't realised was we already had one; a genuine, designed in the US but available for UK money, right here, since the 1990s. I knew the brand, I just didn't realise it was American; Lands' End.… View Post

if you’re joining me in the 30 day wardrobe challenge  then you might find Style Up a useful resource. I came across it on Rebecca’s blog, Florence Finds, so you may already have seen it, but… View Post

just as I was writing another tweet about the snow starting to settle, I saw a tweet by Becky inviting people to cheer up their April by participating in a 3o day wardrobe challenge. always up for trying… View Post

no, i’m not pregnant again but i know a fair few of you are, so i wanted to share these. i wrote about Hatch maternity before, back when i was pregnant, but they were the… View Post

Just a quick note about breastfeeding in public. Last night, I was out for dinner with Marto and some of his colleagues in a restaurant which doesn’t take bookings, so we had to wait in… View Post