I guess the American bit of my favourite autumn celebrations makes me crave that wholesome American look - plaid shirts, boots, jeans, proper outerwear and good knitwear and hats/gloves/scarves. I waited *ages* for some American brands to be available easily in the UKbut what I hadn't realised was we already had one; a genuine, designed in the US but available for UK money, right here, since the 1990s. I knew the brand, I just didn't realise it was American; Lands' End.… View Post

Almost every night before we put Pip to bed, we follow the same routine. She has a bath (and at the moment is loving a bubble machine Marto bought her, shouting “bu-bble” “bu-bble” “more” “more”)… View Post

What a beautiful few weeks its been. It might be raining this evening, but the sun looks set to shine for a few more days yet! Now that the school holidays have started as well,… View Post