I’ve written before about my struggle with cloth nappies. ethically, I’m all for them. in practice, not so easy. when I found out about the North London Cloth Nappy Library, I immediately got in touch.… View Post

I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since I last wrote about real nappy week. here we are again in April, and it’s Real Nappy Week 2013 (15-19 April 2013). (that must mean… View Post

I’ve written before about cloth/reusable nappies and after an enquiry on twitter as to how they were going, I promised an update. there are many many things for mums to feel guilty about and nappies are definitely… View Post

.Pip’s ear infection hadn’t got any better despite a week’s worth of antibiotics. We took her back to the doctors yesterday morning and the GP didn’t think that the antibiotics were helping. She told us… View Post