my brother-not-in-law has a great camera and he was kind enough to let me use it on Saturday afternoon to take a few photos of Pip. I rather like these ones. out of the perhaps… View Post

I’m a little late with these photos. it was my first mothering sunday last week and we spent the day with my family. my parents, my sisters and their partners, my maternal grandparents, my mother’s… View Post

Poor old Pip has tonsillitis again, which isn’t much fun for her (or us). And I swear she’s grown about an inch in the last month. Some of her 6-9 month clothes, specifically trousers, which… View Post

… Pip started handing things to me and then taking them back again. She will also remove something from her mouth on demand (usually when she has picked something off the floor to eat) and… View Post

Today has been hard work. We missed a class this morning because my little willful Pip just would not allow herself to be got ready. It took over five minutes to wrestle her into a… View Post