life has been pretty busy recently. every night when I’ve got Pip into bed, the last thing I’ve felt up to was getting some blogs posts together. it was half term and Marto was at… View Post

*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013* I’m a bit late with this. so late, in fact, that it’s time for week 19. but I couldn’t let the moment pass.… View Post

tonight, Pip and Marto sat under the kitchen table having a tea party. Pip was using a toy teaspoon and a toy teacup to emulate drinking and eating yogurt or porridge. When Marto crawled under the table… View Post

  this weekend we celebrated Pip’s first birthday with a party in our garden. we hung our wedding bunting, fired up our collection of barbeques and invited family and friends to gather for a picnic.… View Post

it seems like Pip has grown up enormously in the last month; heck, even in the last week she’s made huge steps (and not just up stairs). Pip and I have spent the past few… View Post