Continuing a sporadic series (looks like I can only manage the odd years… 13 for 2013 and 11 for 2011 is here) of New Year posting. New Year for me is not only a new calendar year,… View Post

  Have you ever wondered when I started blogging? Or why? Or what blogs I recommend? I’m over at Talk Mum today addressing these very questions… (photo by Cara of Bird & Bear) View Post

I think the only way you could gain approval for your time-management, as a mother, would be to look after your children all the time as well as working full-time but for some socially useful… View Post

  Gemma at Mission2Mum runs a series on Mondays called “Mummy Monday” where she asks other mums questions about their lives, thoughts on motherhood and one or two other things. Today, she’s been asking me the… View Post