it’s a funny old thing, isn’t it, motherhood. you spend so many years trying to prevent it, another period of time desperately longing for it, and then six months after actually giving birth, you are… View Post

And on the 12th day after Pip’s birth, I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry, but Pip did. Howled like an angry lamb. Caused, I think, by a combination of a growth spurt and trapped wind.… View Post

Photos of Pip coming soon. Every day seems to be filled with either feeding/changing/laundry or going out. So far we have been on a bus, in a taxi, out for coffee, breakfast and to the… View Post

Still no sign of the little Pip. (and this blog is going to get a bit repetitive for the next week if that doesn’t change). Whilst I am trying to ‘get on with life’, being… View Post

Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly began to feel hysterical. As if I were drunk, unable to focus on conversation, on food shopping, giggling uncontrollably as Marto paid for our food. Back at home, I had a… View Post