There is no right answer to feeding a child. How can there be one "right choice" when we all have different needs and bodies? If we accept that, we can then move away from the idea that if we don't make that same choice, (or can't, or don't "manage") then we've failed. Surely we need to release the "bressure" and rather embrace the concept of making our own decisions on our own merits.… View Post

.pip went to her first London Fashion Week show (well, she came to the drinks reception and then watched from the cinema of the show space whilst i actually went in) .we’ve progressed from ‘thinking… View Post

Just a final couple of thoughts to round off breastfeeding awareness week. First of all, if you are pregnant still, you will have no idea whether you will be able to breastfeed, how long you… View Post

Just a quick note about breastfeeding in public. Last night, I was out for dinner with Marto and some of his colleagues in a restaurant which doesn’t take bookings, so we had to wait in… View Post