Bethany’s Birthday

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Pip was invited to her very first birthday party last week. Bethany turned 1 and had a tea party to celebrate with some of her friends (and their mums). There was cake and jelly and amazing sausage rolls made by Bethany’s talented Mum, Anna. The babies all played together (or, chased each other up and down the hallway) whilst the mums drank tea and wine (and Anna’s husband escaped to work in his shed!). These photos were taken by another Mum, who also happens to be the wedding photographer Annelie Eddy, and had kindly brought her camera along to capture the afternoon. Thanks Annelie for letting me share them here! It was a lovely afternoon and one which Pip and I both thoroughly enjoyed.

vintage party dress (via my mother & is one that I used to wear) | vest and shoes from Gap | tights from Zara


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