Bedroom update: dreaming v reality

I’ve written before about my plans to update our bedroom. Decorating in a rented flat is always a mix of the dream vs the reality but we have now got the go ahead to do some repainting and make a few decorative changes.

This means we can at last lose the red feature wall which surrounds the fireplace. I still have a hankering after wallpaper but I think grey/blue paint will probably be easiest to implement myself, given that I’m not exactly doing DIY every day… I’m not sure exactly which shade yet but I’ve started pinning some of the looks that I’m after and will go and pick up some samples.

I’d love to lay a wooden floor, and have even looked at oak flooring suppliers in london but in reality I think we will have to live with the slightly marked carpet for a while longer. I will probably get a new rug in the meantime, one which works on the carpet for now but will look gorgeous against my oak floor in due course.

Lucie Kass bedside table

I’d also love to get this bedside table from Lucie Kass (doesn’t it look great against that moody paint?) but I think I will resist at present due to space issues with the cot in the room and continue using the wine and port boxes which are now sadly hidden at the moment.

One thing I have bought though is some new bedding. I had a bit of a sort out and whilst it’s not quite the KonMari de-clutter I’m working towards, I did throw away all the old and stained white pillowcases, old pillows and sheets which have gone thin. I’ve a great selection of various pillowcases in shades of pink which I’ve inherited from 3 sets of grandparents which must be from the seventies, but which look fantastic with white and grey bedding. So, I ordered this beautiful grey washed linen and also treated myself to some Liberty print pillow covers.

So, a bank holiday project, deciding on paint colour. Then, I’m going to try and implement the painting before we go away on holiday, so that the wall can dry whilst we are away. Any tips on shades, or painting over red?

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