Of all the things I thought would put us off using cloth nappies, it has so far been something that I had never even thought of. It never occurred to me that it would be… View Post

we are all a little grumpy is this household tonight. Marto, Pip and I spent the afternoon at the hospital where I had a mole removed from my upper thigh. It was pretty painless in… View Post

Tomorrow marks 17 weeks since Pip was born. In four short months we have gone from pregnancy to being the parents of the making of a little girl. Pip has left her newborn slug stage… View Post

Pip rolled over. We were staying with friends for the weekend and Marto was on the golf course first thing in the morning. I took Pip into the bathroom whilst I had a shower, laying… View Post

Where does the time go? It seems only a day or so ago that Pip and I came back from my sister’s place and the Olympics hadn’t even happened yet. And then, I turn around… View Post