are you a working mum?

I am a big believer in women telling their stories – the what, why and how of their lives. To record, to allow others to read and possibly learn. To give context. Not to give judgment or with an angle, but to share. In order to change and to learn, we have to know. And without sharing our stories, we don’t. I have always strived for my blog to be a place to tell *my* story (not Pip’s) because I like reading other peoples and it is important for me to be part of the narrative without trying to influence it.

to that end, I’ve decided that I would like to run a weekly(?) column on our stories as working mums, including other people’s stories. not because I think working mums are more important or valid or anything else, just that blogging tends to be a place with a lot of stay at home, or freelance mums, and I am interested in providing an outlet for the stories of mums who go out to work.

so, if you are a mum who goes out to work and would be interested in being involved, please either leave a comment or drop me an email at rachelprimrosehill(at)gmail(dot)com and I will be in touch. I haven’t fully worked out the details yet, but I wanted to see whether anyone would be interested in contributing.

Thank you!



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