A Handmade Christmas Eve | Amazon Handmade

A Handmade Christmas Eve | Amazon Handmade

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Every year I endeavour to get myself organised with Christmas presents, but invariably, here we are in the middle of December and there are still things that need doing. Whilst I am a great believer in supporting small businesses, and I have been doing so where possible, I am also realistic that sometimes time, money or both, means that you need a quick practical but also ideally handmade and personal gift, as soon as possible.

Which is why I was intrigued to discover Amazon Handmade, which gives both the convenience of quick ordering but also offers more personalised or handmade gifts, meaning I don’t have to rule out things just because I wasn’t quite organised enough this year.

My sister in law is Finnish, and in Finland, the Joulupukki or Christmas or Yule Goat brings presents on Christmas Eve. Similar to Santa Clause, except he arrives whilst the children are awake. I am not sure whether it is Finnish tradition or my sister in law’s family tradition – she talks of people dressing up and delivering the presents under the tree whilst the children are distracted. We like to have a scandi style supper on Christmas Eve and to sneak the presents that we are going to give the children into the room whilst they are distracted by the meal. We usually use a box each which always contains pyjamas, sometimes slippers, always a book and often one more little thing too. We then mix into British tradition by giving the children their handmade stockings to hang up once they are changed into their new pyjamas and have read their books.

Here are some of the ideas that I have been looking at for this year’s Christmas Eve:

My niece has just turned 1, so I think a personalised book would be lovely for her.

Personalised Kids Book by My Magic Name Personalised Children’s Books

We often re-use gift boxes from the last year, but I know they would love these Christmas Eve boxes (I don’t think I’m alone in having kids who are suckers for anything with their name on!)

Personalised Christmas Eve Box by Dust & Things

And then to hang up before bed, because I have not yet made Buster’s stocking and I am running out of time, a personalised sack instead:

Christmas Stocking Gift Bag by Dilly Dally Designs

The other type of Christmas present I often struggle with is presents for the school, teachers and staff. We want to thank them and give them personal meaningful presents, but ideally ones that can be consumed. Last year we made chocolates, this year, we are planning biscuits in jars (which I still need to order). I was wondering how we might make them a bit more personal and was delighted to encounter these personalised stickers… I am ordering mine as we speak.

Christmas Berries Leaves Wood Sticker Labels by Personalised Delights

And then, just because I like them, I found some gorgeous hand-drawn wildlife calendars which I thought were beautiful.

2019 Wildlife Calendar by Hannah Longmuir

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