7 years


Two things which always take me back – summer rain on long grass, and peonies. And I am always surprised by how young we look, how perfectly dishevelled we look by the end of the night, how we might allocate funds so differently if we did it now, and how glad I am that we are already married, so we don’t have to.

That said, I loved our wedding. I wore a dress from Oxfam, he wore a vintage suit I attempted to alter and slim down the 70s shape (I don’t think it worked). We had no-one present except for guests and the chap that made the most amazing hog roast. We spent all our money on the drinks and my only regret to this day is that I wish we’d hired a different photographer.


wedding 5

I loved the car (and that when I asked M his favourite moment of the day late into the evening, he responded “stepping into the car”…) Most of all, I loved celebrating with all of our friends and family.

wedding4 wedding3

wedding1 wedding2

(Normal less sentimental posting to resume tomorrow, some photographs here by family members)


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