*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013*


is this cheating? a new way to share two images in one? this is the Instagram photo that I shared at the weekend after giving Pip her first hair cut. we finally had to do something about her hair as she could barely see out and in the swimming pool she looked like a little drowned rat. it was a rather inept effort and took two of us and several goes, but somehow more by chance than anything else, we managed to cut the front reasonably straight and at the same length as the new growth emerging underneath where all the gaps are filling back in. that’s why she looks like she has thicker hair now, there were two separate growths going on there! the back looks a lot nicer though as we’ve cut off the two rats tails… she really doesn’t look like my baby any more now. no denying that she’s a little girl.

i didn’t just throw the hair away though. oh no. i kept a small piece of the end that she’s had since she was born, tied it up with a ribbon and tucked it inside my locket. cliched, maybe. but i couldn’t just get rid of it.

9 February // hair cutting // at home



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