4 months

Tomorrow marks 17 weeks since Pip was born. In four short months we have gone from pregnancy to being the parents of the making of a little girl. Pip has left her newborn slug stage well and truly behind. We have now entered a new phase of babyhood; one of rolling and wriggling and laughing. She enjoys swimming, both in the bath and in the swimming pool. She particularly enjoys laughing (sometimes at us, sometimes with us).

This weekend we went to visit family who live just up the road from us. They are my Dad’s cousin and her husband and children. My second cousins. Pip’s second cousins once removed. Or something. Essentially more aunties who dote on her. She spent a whole afternoon gazing and giggling. Marto went swimming in their pool. We ate paella and strawberry gateau and it was lovely.

Yesterday Pip played with her cousin (who is 13 months old). They lay together on the mat that we bought Pip from B&Q to play on, which has roads and roundabouts and houses, ready to have cars driven along it, and lego houses constructed, and examined the toy rats that Pip loves so much. It was a lovely taste of that which is to come; of cousins playing together and adults chatting round them. Babies with naked legs and everyone with bare feet. Summer.


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