We finally decided on a mobile. Marto’s grandmother gave us some money to buy something for Pip and we decided a musical mobile was the way forward. We wanted one that played classical music of some kind and that would attach to the cot. In particular, we thought it might make nappy changing a bit easier if there was a distraction.
Neither Marto nor I are particularly keen on plastic toys. We accept the inevitability of this but would really rather avoid this for as long as possible. We were, for a while, going to get a Fisher Price Rainforest mobile however due to Mothercare’s incompetent customer service, we didn’t buy one and then we found this Jellycat one in John Lewis. We were particularly taken that it matches the bunny that we were given at the baby shower, that it is not overtly plastic and that instead of batteries, it has a wind up motion. 
Last night, we put it up on the cot. We have given over one side of our spare room for Pip, with a cot and bookcase where we have put all his nappies and so on, with a cot top changer making a changing station. We have a Moses basket ready to go in our room for the time being and have given a drawer in one of our chest of drawers in our room for his clothes and towels. Time will tell whether this is a system that works or not. A the moment I can scarcely imagine a baby visiting the house, let alone living with us, despite all the preparations. We have even decorated one wall of the spare room with a tree sticker and have hung some mini bunting. 

Image from John Lewis website


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