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30 day wardrobe challenge

just as I was writing another tweet about the snow starting to settle, I saw a tweet by Becky inviting people to cheer up their April by participating in a 3o day wardrobe challenge. always up for trying something, I decided to join in.

you can read the full post on Becky’s blog here but in essence it involves wearing a new outfit from your existing wardrobe every day for 30 days and posting the results online with the hashtag #30daywardrobechallenge (listing what you are wearing & where it is from). you can re-wear individual items but not whole outfits.

and, to make this more relevant to me, I’ve decided to sign Pip up for the challenge too. she has a lot of clothes, I would estimate 70-80% are hand me downs, which she doesn’t really wear. I love creating her outfits, so have decided that she will be playing along too.

I will be posting our outfits daily on instagram and will do a weekly round up here…

who’s joining me?


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