30 day wardrobe challenge (week three)



photos from week three of the challenge (week one here; week two here). we haven’t done so well for photos this week. it’s been rather busy and several times I’ve just settled Pip into bed when I’ve realised I’ve forgotten to take a photograph.

believe it or not, these striped tops are all different. it’s become apparent to me that I wear a lot of stripes. teamed with mint jeans and pale blue chinos this week. this warmer weather has meant a variation of shoes – I’ve worn soft tan Clarks loafers, Massimo Dutti navy driving shoes and my converse as well as my boots. (not pictured outfits include a black Cos dress and Zara cardigan as well as jeans and an old jumper for an impromptu trip to Hampshire to help my sister collect some seaboots for her trans-atlantic crossing next week)

none of these are particular favourites; I certainly have a ‘uniform’ and am finding it hard to vary. I did do better today with a dress and converse, teamed with a trench coat and belt with big Liberty wool scarf, but then I had help with the baby, being as it’s a weekend. the combination of practicality of the clothes, teamed with showering and dressing quickly whilst the baby naps, means that I don’t ever seem to stray beyond my safe combinations and outfits i know I can race around a playgroup or the playground.

Pip has worn a handful of handmedown clothes including polka dot trousers, jeans and a romper suit. as the weather turned colder towards the end of the week, we’ve returned to her Gap mustard polka dot jeans, bright blue Tesco chinos and a striped JoJoMamanBebe jersey.

If you’re joining in the 30 day wardrobe challenge, do let me know. My friend LaineyLou, who is currently living near New York, has been posting her work outfits and it’s been making me nostalgic for my office days when I used to try and creatively manage my office wear!


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