30 day wardrobe challenge (week four)



no doubt you’ve been waiting with baited breath to see how we got on with the remainder of the 30 day wardrobe challenge… well, here’s week four (week one hereweek two here; week three here)

I think you’ll agree that we’ve been pretty poor at both wearing new outfits and taking photos of them. although I did wear two dresses, as did Pip, I still reverted to my mum uniform, which even if technically within the rules, don’t look all that different in real life. this challenge has helped me to dig out some things I don’t often wear, and in fact, I’ve worn a couple of skirts as well, so I think I have been in less of a rut than over the winter. I’ve also found some of my pre-pregnancy jeans, a couple of which do fit(!) and I took a whole bag of stuff to the charity shop. one things for sure; it’s easier to wear a variety of outfits when the weather is better.

I have enjoyed the challenge though, so I think I might have another go later in the summer. anyone with me?

skirt from Hush | dress bottom left PR gift from Godiva in 2011 | dress bottom right from Whistles; lipstick Nars Schiap; feather & chain mail earrings competition prize Anathema Designs | watch Olivia Burton | leather cuff by Teija (present)

Pip wears a variety of handmedown jeans, dresses & cardigans as well as two vintage dresses (worn as shirts) and a (present from a friend) Miller dress (pool table photo).



  1. Gill Crawshaw May 13, 2013 / 6:25 pm

    I’ve really enjoyed these updates! I love looking at other people’s outfits, really like your Godiva dress. I’d be up for doing this challenge as I have so many clothes I hardly ever wear languishing in my wardrobe…

    • thelittlepip
      May 14, 2013 / 4:48 pm

      I like looking at other people’s outfits too. Maybe I’ll organise a challenge for August (better weather?!)

  2. Lauren May 19, 2013 / 9:34 am

    I get stuck wearing the mum uniform too. Now days my daughter definitely always looks more stylish than me!

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